Latest Styberry developments

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Hey all!:)

I am happy to see how everyone is using Styberry and experimenting with it! Over the past weeks, we have been working very hard in order to fix some bugs on the website.

We released the new version today, so you should be seeing some changes (improvements):


1. Blog post preview text:

Sometimes the text from your blog posts was not showing up in the homefeed as expected. From today on, all blog post previews will show the first 120 characters from your blog post.


2. Hashtags

 We noticed that some of you are using an extra # when they use tags, which led to tags appearing as #hashtag, instead of hashtag. This was fixed as well, so now you can start with or without #, tags will appear only as words (without the #).


3. Text formating in the Editor.

We improved the Editor functionality and now, you are not only able to paste text from other sources ( Word, Notes ect.), but also when you publish your blog post, we keep the line breaks ( the paragraphs), so you no longer need to use another website (f.e. Google Docs) in order to format your blog post. 


4. Facebook Group

We got a hint that we should create a Facebook group (thanks Lana!) where you can discuss problems and share ideas about Styberry. Actually, it was already on my to do list, but I never thought people would need it in such an early stage :)

Anyhow, it is live now, so feel free to join Styberry's official Facebook group:


Make sure to test the above features and please let me know if something is not working as expected!

Have a great week!